Low vision aids

Being diagnosed with a macular condition can leave you worrying about how you will cope with everyday tasks. You may be concerned about losing your independence and not being able to enjoy activities like reading or cooking. Having macular disease needn’t mean losing control of your life. A growing range of equipment called ‘low vision aids’ could help you to cope better.

Eschenbach maxTV

  • Enables you to see the TV in double the size – particularly important when viewing small screens.
  • Relaxed viewing at any distance through individual focusing.
  • Lightweight, contemporary design; attractively priced solution.
  • Comfortable to wear and will not slip down during use due to easily adjustable temples.
  • Ideal for reading subtitles and all text on the screen.
  • 2.1x magnification

Eschenbach mobilux® DIGITAL Touch HD

  • 4x-12x magnification
  • Relaxed reading due to non-reflective, high contrast display
  • 2 in 1: handy reading device for when you‘re on the move plus simple screen-reading device for use at home
  • Easy orientation and reading as the HD camera is positioned centrally under the display
  • Simple, intuitive operation via touchscreen with clearly recognisable symbols
  • You can write under the reading device when it is in the tilted position
  • Eschenbach mobilux® LED

  • Handheld magnifiers: This is the most familiar style. The lens is held away from the object and the device has a handle. Many handheld magnifiers have built-in lighting. Some are pocket-size – particularly useful for shopping and other outdoor tasks.

  • Stand magnifiers: These are designed to stand on the page to maintain the correct distance between the lens and the text. Stand magnifiers might be helpful if your hands are a little shaky. They can be plugged in or fitted with batteries.

  • Eschenbach maxDETAIL clip

    2x magnification

  • For spectacle wearers
  • Both hands are kept free for carrying out intricate work, handicrafts or reading.
  • Comfortable working distance and large visual field; lightweight, contemporary design.
  • Modern, practical design.

  • Brightfield/flatfield magnifiers: These are bar or dome magnifiers that look like a paperweight or a shaped ruler. The magnifier is placed flat on the page and you slide it across to read a line of text. They are only available in lower levels of magnification.

  • Tremble-free, bright image.Comfortable, tilted view allows relaxed reading position.Item Nos. 14361 and 14362 enable to read full newspaper columns.With excellent LED illumination right up to the edges of the magnifier.
  • Round-the-neck magnifiers: These magnifiers are useful for hobbies like knitting where you need to have your hands free. They are only available in lower levels of magnification so may not be suitable for people with more developed macular disease.


  • Video magnifiers  Eschenbach smartlux DIGITAL

  • 1.7x to 12x magnification
  • Extra large field of view due to non-reflective 5” LCD and high magnification range.
  • Makes reading simple as camera is centrally positioned under the display.
  • Extra writing position for writing or working under the display.
  • Easy to use due to large operating buttons which are easy to see and tactile.

Special Amber/ blue block Eschenbach eye protectors for macular degeneration . Wear over the top of glasses.

    • All-round protection for the eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun and against unpleasant glare.
    • Visually appealing and improved colour recognition in comparison to conventional cut-off filters.
    • Improved contrast vision.
    • Suitable for wearing whilst driving.