Contact Lenses vs Glasses

contact lenses vs glasses elean

Is it better to wear glasses or contacts?

Some wearers will opt for a combination of the two, whilst others have a solid preference for one and stick to it.

Contact lenses are very safe to wear, with any potential issues easily avoidable with proper care and close attention to hygiene.

Are contacts more expensive than glasses?

Eye glasses provide many benefits over contacts. They require less cleaning and maintenance and a pair of glasses are certainly cheaper in the long run. Popular myths suggest that you are less likely to get eye infections if you wear glasses, however if you look after your contact lenses, we can assure you that risk of infections will be minimal.

How much are contact lenses?

The price of contact lenses vary depending on a wide range of factors including what brand you opt for, whether you go for monthlies or dailies and the technology featured in the lens.